GAP Coverage

We have five strong competitive GAP programs that are designed to help you achieve maximum profit.

What is GAP Coverage?

Under the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) policy, when there’s a total loss of a vehicle, the lender is paid the difference between the insurance settlement and the outstanding loan amount.

We offer percentage coverages above and beyond the price of the vehicle to help a customer experiencing a total loss. Help your customers avoid negative equity, or being “upside down” on their loan after a total loss. Lenders will be happy and customers will have greater peace of mind when paid the difference between the primary insurance settlement and the outstanding balance of the vehicle loan.

Customized options to help customers and dealerships.

We work with dealers to customize options that work best for their business, such a bonus structure for sales producers or for the dealership itself. We work with dealership owners to customize their GAP coverage programs to maximize their profits.

Deductible assistance, up to $1,000 per claim.
Percentage coverages (e.g. 125% GAP or 150% GAP)
Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) programs offered as well.

Benefits Your Customers Will Appreciate:

All-risk protection for collateral, including situations where the customer has no traditional auto insurance for the vehicle.

Coverage extends to both new and used vehicles.
Simplified “single rate” structure. No rate per thousand or complicated class system.
Fully cancelable in thirty (30) days.
Lease or loan financing agreements are eligible for coverage.
Coverage is tailored to reflect the terms of the financial agreements.