American Auto Protection strives for the long-term success of our dealer partners. That’s why we provide your dealership with custom branded, professionally designed and produced marketing collateral, including a mobile app. This collateral includes pop-up banners, signage, printed brochures, laminated product information to keep at the sales desk. We also show you how to demonstrate the app to your customers. It is designed to keep customers connected with dealers throughout the life of their loan or lease.

  1. Diminished Value Protection
  2. Peace of Mind Lease
  3. Complete Care – combine many necessary coverages
  4. Key Replacement
  5. Premier Choice
  6. 30/30 Affordable


All vehicles depreciate in value. But, vehicles that have been involved in an accident are worth much less compared to similar vehicles that have never been damaged. Diminished value protection is designed with the seller of those vehicles in mind.

Your customers can protect their vehicle against a financial loss, with diminished value protection. When the trade-in or sale value of the vehicle is reduced after being involved in an accident, diminished value protection pays compensation for the loss.

Choose from our two options and protect against a financial loss up to $5,000 or $10,000.

Used car reports are helpful in protecting the purchaser of a car, as they report the history of the automobile. These reports include if the car, truck, or SUV was involved in an accident. Even a vehicle that is in excellent condition and has been properly repaired may be worth 30% less than a comparable vehicle that was never damaged from an accident. Provide a program that allows your customers reassurance that they will get a better return on their investment, even if it’s experienced an auto accident.


Protecting a vehicle during the terms of a lease agreement and the responsibilities associated with the lease end creates happier customers. This program offers your customers coverage to keep their vehicle in great condition throughout the term of their lease. It also helps to support their end of lease responsibilities with exclusive wear and tear coverage.

Coverage benefits your lease customers can receive from this program include: maintenance, paintless dent repair, roadside assistance, excess wear and tear, tire and wheel road hazard, lose key replacement, mechanical components, and peace of mind at the end of the lease term.


Combine special products with additional Excess Wear & Tear coverage with our Complete Care Plus plans. Help your customers maintain their vehicle with coverage for:

Front/Rear Brake Pad Replacement
Key Replacement
Battery Coverage
Front/Rear Wiper Blades
Belt & Hose Replacement
Interior Bulb Replacement
Headlamp Leveling System Sensor
Rental Car Coverage
Roadside Membership
SUV/Truck Package


Remote technology in today’s car keys include computer programming, sesors, and wireless communication. This advanced technology makes car key replacement more expensive than recutting a metal key. Key and key fob replacement for today’s vehicles could cost hundreds of dollars.

Key Replacement programs, provided via American Auto Protection covers lost keys up to $400 per incident. All keys are cut and replaced to the manufacturer standard, including programming the transponder.

Save your customers time and money! Our program requires no out-of-pocket cost or expense when filing a claim for a replacement key.


Take your customer’s vehicle protection to the next level with our Premier Choice program. This product includes specific coverage options for:

  1. Paintless dent repair
  2. Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Coverage
  3. Windshield Repair / Replacement
  4. Key Replacement Program
  5. 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance


Pre-Owned vehicles that qualify for this affordable, comprehensive coverage will help increase your F&I success. Boost Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) acceptance rates and profitability with a plan for qualified used vehicles:

Affordable & Flexible pricing
1 Term (30 Months/ 30,000 Miles)
1 Level of Comprehensive Coverage

Interested in learning more about the Ancillary Plans we can offer your dealership? Our professional team at AAP can help you find the programs that bring you opportunities for a higher profit. Call or contact us today to get started!