Loyalty Maintenance and Prepaid Maintenance

American Auto Protection offers programs and products that create opportunities for your customers to return to your dealership regularly. Prepaid maintenance services can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Increase Customer Retention and Repeat Business

Bring customers back to your dealership by offering in-house, prepaid maintenance. When the cost of maintaining or repairing a vehicle outweighs the benefits of keeping it, customers are already onsite and in a position to purchase a new vehicle from your lot.

Better retain your sales team

Auto dealership sales teams are motivated by a variety of factors. Better compensation plans, access to high quality products and services, and opportunities for repeat customers are reasons for sales team employees to stay. If you are looking for ways to review your compensation plan, we can help you and your team can make more money. With bonuses, happier customers, and opportunities for repeat service. Independent dealerships who have an auto maintenance shop optimize the service of prepaid maintenance to build customer loyalty.

Maximize Your Marketing budget

Designing, producing, and printing sales tools and collateral can be expensive. That’s why American Auto Protection helps their partnering dealers maximize their marketing budget with custom branded, professionally designed and produced marketing collateral. Materials we provide include pop-up banners, signage, printed brochures, and laminated product collateral to keep at the sales desk. We also offer an app for some product programs that are designed to connect dealers with customers.

Grow Your Business with maintenance programs

How can we help you grow your dealership’s bottom line with maintenance programs? Call or contact us to learn more and let us know more about your dealership.