Vehicle Service Contracts

Our warranties and vehicle service contracts are available for used and new vehicles that you sell at your auto dealership. We offer a range of options, from limited power-train coverage up to exclusionary “bumper to bumper” coverage, including WRAP options for more flexibility.

Build loyal customers with better coverage

Our selection of vehicle warranty products allows you, the dealership, to better serve your customers’ needs with customized options. Build more loyalty among your customers by taking care of them after the sale of the car, with warranties and coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Options that fit within the customer’s budget

Additional coverage options are available from 3 months / 3,000 miles to 120 months / 125,000 additional miles, from the date of purchase of the vehicle.

Our pricing structure is designed to maximize profits at the dealership level. We work with you to determine which of our warranty program are the best fit for your business.  Call [tel: ] or contact us to sign up for this product.